Meet a family of remarkable characters.

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From the UK’s largest independent family brewery comes a family of beers that have been enjoyed for generations. Our craftsmen of beer and keg ale have helped nurture some of the beer world’s best-loved characters just for you.

McEwan’s Red is red by name and red by nature, with its rich chestnut colour and refreshing taste coming from the finest ingredients.

McEwan’s Export is truly a beer of the world. First brewed in the 1860s, it is one of the best known McEwan”s brands.

Say hello to THE premium ale – McEwan’s 80/-. This traditional Scottish beer has been wetting whistles since the nineteenth century.

McEwan’s 70/- is a smooth, creamy beer that makes the perfect choice for a night out with friends.

McEwan’s 60/- is light on the palate, with a soft roast flavour and gentle sweetness.

McEwan’s Champion Ale Strong and intense, yet easy to spend time with – a Scottish Champion indeed.

McEwan’s Best Scotch, a traditional dark ale, is a firm favourite with those who like an easy-going pint.

The chestnut brown tones coupled with an appealing aroma of citrus, biscuits and spice make McEwan’s Signature a tantalizing proposition.

The alluring golden colour and zesty, floral aroma make McEwan’s Amber an easy drink to appreciate. 

McEwan’s Established 1856