Brewing Process

Traditional barley varieties are malted by our specialist maltsters to create a fine malt with character that will supply the sugars for fermentation. 

Roasted malts are selected for colour and flavour enrichment in the final beer.

Malt and spring water are combined to produce a mash before being separated by running off from the grain bed, a Scottish invention known in the brewing industry as ‘sparging’ is applied to ‘wash’ the grains prior to wort boiling.

This produces sweet wort before which is then boiled in the copper kettle for an hour, hops are added and contribute to the final aroma in the beers produced. Our beers are traditionally lighted hopped to allow the malty flavours to shine through in the final beer.

The hopped wort is first cooled before yeast is added to allow fermentation of the malt sugars.

Fermentation is complete in 3 days and yeast is removed and stored for further fermentation and maturation.

Cask conditioned beer is now ready for its onward journey, can, bottle and keg beers are further conditioned in the brewery before being filtered and packaged.