Corporate Info

William McEwan’s beers were first enjoyed in Edinburgh in 1856, and the family name is now recognised worldwide as the brewer of fine ales.  

Since 2011, our McEwan’s brands have been owned by Charles Wells. Started in 1876 by Charles Wells himself, the company now runs the UK’s largest private brewing company, a substantial pub chain across the UK and France and a rapidly growing international business with sales growing over 20% a year.  

The heritage of McEwan’s goes hand-in-hand with the heritage of Charles Wells, and the partnership between the two continues to develop and break new territories. Consumers in over 40 countries have now been introduced to the delights of British beer, and our inventive marketing is helping to make ale modern and relevant for today. 

Together we have achieved a rare balance between tradition and innovation, delivering quality products to generations of drinkers.